Monday, July 5, 2010

What Not To Wear : Toddlers & Preschoolers

What Not to Wear for Preschoolers and Toddlers

With Special Guest Stylists Zachary & Evan Kargas

At School & On The Playground

Zachary's Advice: If it is on sale at Target, do not get it. You will walk into Preschool thinking you are wearing edgy dump truck apparel, only to see five of your cohorts sporting the exact same outfit. Embarrassing! Go for the more obscure, hunt in high-end consignment shops where you can find retro cool items.

Evan's Advice: Elmo is so last year. Only first kid's wear those. If your a second, or a third, you grow up faster and you know better. Skip right to spiderman or spongebob, and kids will know that you have been around the block. Suddenly the babies on the playground are looking up to you.

Zachary's Advice: The more holes in your jeans the better. Same goes with stains.

Evan's Advice: If you are still in diapers, be sure to wear a higher rise pant and a longer shirt, nobody wants the embarrassing outfit malfunction, and a diaper hanging out the tops of one's pants screams low-class.

To a Special Occasion

Zachary's Advice: No doubt mom is going to try and squeeze you into a matchy-matchy outfit from Gymboree, probably one with the tags freshly clipped out of the collar. Whatever you do, do not oblige. Unless you want to look like a lamb blindly following the herd. You want to show your unique personality and style. I for instance always search for the T-Shirts that my mom has shoved into the very back of my dresser drawers. The ones in bright colors with phrases like "Here Comes Trouble!" or "I didn't do it!" in bold face across the front. I try and match them with a contrasting color or pattern to really show some flare.

Evan's Advice: Wear Spiderman or Spongebob.

For a Casual Play Date:

Zachary: I want to put my guest at ease, to let him know that he can make himself at home, therefor I like to strip down to my underwear, you know keep it real.

Evan: Wear Spiderman or Spongebob.
So there you have it kids, advice to live by.
As a side note, the Kargas Family is packing up and heading for a vacation to Denver, so I will more than likely be absent from the world of blog for about a week. But I promise to be back with amusing (at my expense) tails of our adventure.


  1. Great blog!
    Maybe we'll bump into you in the hood!

  2. Funny, and so true! And Lucky would add, as a number three, make sure you never wear anything that has not been thoroughly tested by at least two older boys!

  3. What? No mention of handknit sweaters by Nana? Ingrate!

  4. Oh Mylanta! That was sooo cute. I found your blog from a comment you left on someone elses blog and thought I would check you out based on your title.

  5. Hilarious! especially Evan's Elmo advice.