Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year's Post

2013. A new year. Perhaps I should be writing a "year in review" post, or documenting my new year's resolutions. The truth is, I just don't feel up to it. 2012 was a fine year. Unlike others, there were no major moves, pregnancies or births, but rather more subtle changes.

I no longer have a baby. Gone are my days of slings, bouncy chairs, and nursing. I will never see those days again. My children will continue to grow and pass through the different stages of maturity, yet I will never again nozzle the fuzzy hair of my own newborn child. Yes, it makes me a little sad. Yet, I am looking forward to the freedom that will come as each of my children becomes more independent.

This year I started to re-prioritize. I am no longer passing out my phone number to every mom I meet on the playground, desperate for the company of a new friend. I have made friends in the bay area, only to hug them goodbye or lose touch with them. It has been exhausting. This year I re-focused my energy. I started exercising again, which has been amazing. There were set-backs with my ankle fracture, but that lead me to try new things, which has opened up so many new options. I have gained new self respect and confidence in my own physical abilities. (Yay me!)

I'm working, spending quality time with my family and  I have generally kept pretty busy. Too busy to do much with this blog. I have read over some of my posts from the past year, and to be honest I am disappointed with my lack of inspiration and the overall quality of my writing. I started Getrealmama a few years ago because I needed an outlet, I needed a hobby. Perhaps I don't need this little blog as much as I once did. While I am not quiet breaking up with blogspot, I am admitting that my commitment is waining.

Thank you to every one of you have taken time out of your day to read my silly blog. Thanks even more to those of you have actually left me comments, I love them. I hope you have had a happy 2012 and that you are looking forward to the changes that will surely come in the new year. I know I am.


  1. I love your blog and I talk to you a few times a week. I still want to read what you have to say. DON'T STOP!!!

  2. Isn't it sort of nice to know you won't have to go through the pregnant/newborn stage again? I prefer toddlers myself. :D Happy New Year! I love your blog and your writing, by the way.

  3. Hi there Getrealmama,
    I have been on a self imposed blog break for the last few months and now it's coming to an end guess who was one of the first I rushed to see? Yep, yours, only to find you are pulling away! I love what you do here, true to the blogs title, keeping it real. Don't stop - I only just got back. I plan to start posting again too. I'll be putting up my graduating art work from the end of last year and I'd like you to see it as I can always tell from your comments that you get and maybe even appreciate what I'm trying to do with my art - I value your take on things so don't stop now. Also you have one of the best records of your boys/family's life, all the funny details, that will be an absolute treasure for you all one day. Very envious of that! Have I convinced You?
    Jo x