Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dear (Midwestern) Reader, I apologize.

I am sorry. There I said it. I apologize to Wisconsin and Minnesota and the entire Midwest. My last post was too harsh, and I meant not to offend, well not entirely anyway.

These points I stick with:

  1. Your winters for lack of a more elegant word, SUCK.
  2. I hate football, so therefor I could not care less about the Packers, and I will never understand the die hard fans wearing yellow foam blocks of cheese on their heads in 18 degree weather, but to each their own.
  3. Vilas Zoo isn't all that great.

These points I need to clarify:

  1. When I declared that I was living in a sea of reserved blonds, it sounded like much more of an insult than I intended it to. Ahh, the power of words. As one of my very best friends pointed out she is "reserved" and blond (and by the way she one of the most beautiful head's of hair I have seen in my life). It wasn't meant as an insult, more an observation of differing cultures. I am a loud, emotional, center-of-attention kind of girl, and I believe that it is in, part cultural. There seem to be fewer people "like me" in the Midwest.
  2. There are many things to love about both Madison and Minneapolis, and I will always be happy that I had the experience of living there.
  3. I am just happy not to be living there anymore.

P.S. In my original post I forgot to mention one thing that I do not miss about those sticky summers, and my piece would not be complete without noting the mosquitoes. The mosquito bites all over your body. Itching. The stinky smell of OFF. Itching. Need I say more?

Oh, but back to my apology. Madison, Minneapolis, all of my readers who happen to be self-described "Cheese Heads", I hold a dear place in my heart for you. I like cheese. I like cheese curds. I like lakes and the sounds of crickets at night. I like nice people. I am not ashamed that I was born in Wisconsin. I am proud of my Midwestern roots, and if I offended you, I sincerely hope you will forgive me. Or at least keep reading my blog.




  1. There are plenty of mosquitos here in Erie colorado along with west Nile virus too !

  2. I would totally move back to Madison. I would do it in a heartbeat, if the husband wouldn't slit his wrists upon arrival. Big house. Nice people. So what if they wear leggings with stirrups and have big hair? So what if the local grocery store is affectionately called "The Pig" and has a walk-in beer cooler? So what if all the men grow a beard for hunting season? I giggle just thinking about it...and picturing Eytan ice-fishing....