Friday, July 30, 2010

Warning: Another post about my dead cat

I saw you tonight, behind closed eyelids. An old familiar friend.

My heart squeezed tight in my chest as I felt your soft little body curled close to mine. I checked for your breath and there it was, labored and fragile, but there none the less. I knew our time was short. My tears dampened your regal fur, but you hardly minded, I heard the sweet soft rumble of a purr. Don't leave. Stay with us. I love you. I open my eyes and you are gone.

I am surprised by the grief that I have felt for the loss of my cat. I guess we can't under estimate the capacity we have to love a pet. Especially one like Wiggum. I miss him.


  1. I quite often recall the story that Dave told us at work once about how Wiggum "hunted 8 slices of Kraft cheese last night" and it always makes me laugh! Feeling your loss XXX