Saturday, July 31, 2010

Living like a four year old

If I lived my life as a four year old

At the office:

Boss: "I have a new project for you to work on."
Me: "No fair! That's too much work! You can't make me. You have to help me."
Boss: "And how is that report coming along?"
Me: "That report is stupid. I hate it. I am going to smash that report up"

At a friends house for dinner:

Me: "We are having what for dinner? It smells. I'm not going to eat that. You can't make me."
Me: "I like your necklace. It's my turn to wear the necklace. I am the guest and you are suppose to share. If you don't share your necklace with me I am not going to be you friend again for 50 million years"

At the grocery store:

I ram my grocery cart which is filled to the top with only things that I really like (wine, expensive cheese, ice cream and sushi) into a long line of carts at the check out line. "This line is too long! It's not fair! I want to be first! Can I please go first? I hate lines. You guys are mean!"

I wonder how all that would work out for me.


  1. haha- It gets better- although I have listened to 'I have nothing to do' a few times today-

  2. I love the line about wanting to wear the necklace of the party hostess, just priceless. Great post!

  3. lol... you should try those out! let us know how it goes!

  4. I totally want to be a 4 year old! I would love to live my life like that! Wait - I live in a country where most people live like that. They're called ISRAELIS!

  5. I would love to do that! I'd stomp my foot on the floor, tell the boss, "It's not fair," and include some pouting with tears. Think that'd get me out of the project?! If only I were four...

    Great post!!