Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rachel's Behavior Star Chart

Because if kid's get reward's why shouldn't I? If only.

  1. Behavior: Maintains composure while children
    wail and sob after being served french
    toast for breakfast... they wanted microwave
    pancakes. Reward: One grande Starbucks latte.

  2. Behavior: Shouts "Rats!" after dropping an eight volume cookbook on big toe, rather than using a more descriptive exclamation. Reward: Getting to watch a real-life rated "R" movie for a change.

  3. Behavior: Gives up opportunity to watch "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" so husband can watch baseball game. (Again). Reward: A professional massage.

  4. Behavior: Does not cry when son tells her for the 22nd time in one day "you're not my friend" Reward: A night out with girlfriend's who actually like being around me.

  5. Behavior: Picking up husband's dirty socks, underwear, and t-shirts, putting them in hamper without muttering a single snarky comment. Reward: Peace

  6. Behavior: Listening to son painstakingly read each word of the 62 page "I Can Read" version of Danny and the Dinosaur, while my dinner gets cold. Reward: A heart all swelled up with pride.


  1. You deserve the best! What a sweet thing to say about reading the book with Zack. I will get you a latte when I see you in November.

  2. I want a sticker chart! What do I get for shlepping all over town to get said children to extracurricular activities? (there is such a thing as microwave pancakes?)