Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Peace, Out

Suitcases packed. Check.
Snacks packed. Check
More snacks packed in secret places. Check
DVD player charged. Check
Book tucked in carry-on bag. Check. (Insert wild laughter here, as if I have any chance of reading even a chapter)
Extra-Strength Tylenol packed for anticipated hangover and mama meltdown. Check
Mr. Brown Doggie & Nodders (Zack's new self-named stuffed kangaroo toy) in car. Check.
Ninety-Nine-Ten (Evan's self-named stuffed kangaroo toy, and no I am not making it up) in car. Check.
Dog sitter arranged. Check.
Prayer said for good weather. Check
Arrangements made to see as many friends and family as possible in four short days. Check.

Guess we are out of here! See you all next week!


  1. Oh no, only 4 days? You'll be super busy then. If you're on your old street, please knock and see if we're here! Otherwise we hope to see you next time.