Monday, July 12, 2010

Home from home

Back in Berkeley. Home from home. Vacation over, real life will now commence. The laundry is (partially) done, the groceries purchased, kids bathed and in bed, and the events of a long sun -splashed weekend have already been turned to memory.

All in all it was a wonderful trip, although far too short. I saw many people, yet we did not have time to visit with everyone. Four days just was not enough to get my Denver fill.

But our flight was already arranged, and we had work to return to. We boarded our plan at 11am this morning and Southwest Airlines transported us back to reality, to our new life. Miles and miles away from the hot mountain sun, family and friends. And what else can we do but live it? We are left to jump head-first back into the swing of la vida California.

I am glad we went. There was a part of me that was afraid to go. Afraid that it would only hurt to leave. And it did. But I have the memories and the happy photos to keep me warm until our next visit in December.

And until then, life goes on. I am headed to wine country next weekend with one of my best friends for a girls spa trip. I have a job that I enjoy to return to tomorrow. It is a different life than I expected ,but a good one. Best of all, I know that I can always go home when I want to, and that I will be greeted with open arms.


  1. Oh I am so glad you had a good trip! Your photos look lovely and you look so happy!
    I am loving your black and white dress!

  2. What a great trip and the pictures are super! I know it can be difficult to leave, but like you said, you have the pictures and you definately have great memories!

    Mama Hen

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  4. I accidentally sent a comment from Laurie, so disregard it! I wrote "nice picture of the three sisters!". Can't wait to see you in Cali in August!

  5. Oh I feel your sadness at leaving and looking at those beautiful pictures with snow capped mountains in the distance I can understand it, makes me want to grab my hiking boots and head straight there! Glad you had a wonderful trip.