Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So I bet you are wondering, is she still running? The answer, yes. Yay me! I am actually quite proud of myself. I'll admit that at times I do get discouraged, my foot pain has slowed me down and scheduling conflicts prevent me from running quite as much as I would like to, however......

Just a little sweaty :)
Today I achieved a nice little mini-goal. I ran five miles. Not only did I run five miles, they were 9:43 minute miles. Okay I hear my running enthusiast readers cringing. This is hardly a major athletic accomplishment. Noted. But I have come a long way in a month! If I can get my foot issue under control who knows what I'll achieve... To be honest, I'm not setting my sites too high. I don't want to run a marathon. I want to run a half marathon. This summer. With my husband. Who is much, much faster than I am.

But before I get all depressed, I'm celebrating today's achievement and setting my next goal. 7 Miles. Just not tomorrow.


  1. Under 10 minute miles for your FIRST 5 mile run? That's impressive!

  2. That is way awesome! And since I'm a mom I need to good to your foot!

  3. You go girl! Finding a lot of inspiration in your journey so keep posting and running. I run/walk and am deathly afraid of hurting something (knees/back) so I take it easy. Went on a 4 mile walk the other day and everything felt good so I'm hoping to keep it going. I just don't want to be sidelines, ya know? Take it slow and easy and don't rush it. You'll get there!