Thursday, June 3, 2010

U Know Your 2 When....

You know your child is two when they

  • Master the Art of The Temper Tantrum

  • Develop a refined palate (preference for buttered noodles, cold cereal and raisins above and in exclusion of all other foods.)

  • Learn to manipulate adults by acts of cuteness.

  • Exceed one's expectations in their genius ability to attract food stains and become generally filthy.

  • Show a keen appreciation for the word "No!"

  • Often refuse the stroller, but do not actually want to walk on own two feet.

  • Show a keen appreciation for the word "Uppy!"

  • Instinctively select the most expensive personal items and subsequently destroy them.

  • Become very particular about fashion. Refuse all clothing items except those with pictures of Spiderman or Sponge Bob.

  • Learn to selectively mimic adult conversation. Usually drawn to phrases such as "Oh Damn It!"

  • Determine that naps are optional.

  • Determine that listening to grown- ups is optional.

  • Determine that having one's diaper changed is optional.

  • Can melt a heart of stone by three simple words "I wuv you".

Yup my Evan is DEFINITELY TWO!


  1. After reading this I feel that Coben is a 2 year old trapped in a 15 month old body.

  2. I am sooooo with you. We have 2 in FULL FORCE around here.