Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mama's Boy

"I want mommy do it!" No sweeter words to my ears.

Maybe it's a bit mean and a tad selfish but I get great satisfaction when Evan shows a preference for Mommy. Zachary never did, save maybe two days when he was around three months old. Nope, Zachary has always been, well all about Daddy. He loves the way his father rough houses and gets wild with him. He likes that Daddy can still haul him around on this shoulders and throw him into a swimming pool. He is a sucker for Daddy's sense of humor. I have never been able to compete, and it has been a source of sadness and jealousy for me.

But Evan. Sweet Evan is an entirely different story. To begin with he is far more timid than his older brother. He doesn't enjoy the rough play as much and is less likely to accept the attention of perfect strangers. And he likes his mama best. At least for now. I realize this will likely be short lived. Once he is ready for little league I'll probably be cast aside. So I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Last night Evan wanted me to carry him to the car and buckle him in his seat as we headed out for dinner at the Circus Pub. Once we arrived at the uber kid-friendly English style restaurant, he began to cry when we left him in the kid's play area to enjoy our beers at the dinner table. He was only soothed once I picked him up and placed him on my lap. He remained there for most of the duration of the meal, marking my freshly washed white jeans with oodles of sticky ketchup prints. But I hardly minded, what kind of moron am I anyway for even purchasing white jeans? I would be better off with plastic overalls. And they were the needy fingerprints of a mama's boy hands. I should frame them for later years when he is off playing golf with dad.

So yes, I love the preferential treatment. Even if it means he would rather have me change the dirty diaper, and wipe his snotty nose.

These moments are fleeting.


  1. i hear ya! my daughter always wants me to carry her to bed.... i secretly love it!! ;)

  2. Oh I don't know, I think it's natural for outgoing boys like Zachary to love playing with Daddy but you watch, as both of them grow older they will form a very special bond with Mommy. But yes, make the most of those hugs from Evan now as it seems all toddlers grow out of that sooner or later, I'm just grateful my daughter at three still hasn't yet!

  3. All of mine are mommy's boys, but that is because I am a single mom and the only one who has ever really been around. You just wait, the one will come around and want nothing but you. It is nice to have mommy's boys though. :) Following your blog from MBC.


  4. I know what you mean! My son is my baby. I remember when my daughter was one, I went on a vacation and left her with my mom for a week. When I came home she rejected me and wanted my mom. I was so depressed I never left her again!