Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's good to be shabby

You showed so much promise, arriving in a box all fluffy and new. So cuddly, so plush, so very clean.

But you lose Moon Dog. Mr. Brown Doggie imposture. It turns out that you simply can't fool a boy who truly and deeply loves his stuffed pet.

Sure you lack the gaping holes, and you still have a bright green scarf wrapped around your scrawny neck. You smell good yes, and have yet to be peed on. But alas, you have no personality. You have no history. You have no... soul.

So there you lie sad little doggie abandoned on the playroom floor, while a boy sleeps upstairs in bed with a far older version of you tucked lovingly under his arm.

Don't worry Moon Dog, you have a great deal of company. There is a whole basket of unfavored stuffed animals beckoning to you. The bear wearing a Brat Fest T-shirt nana sent from Madison along with Bucky Badger, the tickle-me elmo that never really tickled, the sweet little lambs that went unloved, they are all there waiting for you.

I am sorry Moon Dog, but it's time to face the music. You are second rate at best. Garage sale material my dear.....

The Velveteen Rabbit Experiment worked. My boy passed the test. Sometimes it pays to be shabby.


  1. There's always Toy-Go-Round! I think I saw Moon Dog's buddy there just the other day.

  2. My daughter has certain favorite animals but just about all her stuffed toys (and she has so many of them) get played with in some kind of complex rotation process she has worked out for herself. One of our major battles is over how many make their way into her bed, as if allowed to choose for herself she ends up sleeping on the floor as there is no longer enough room for her to get in with them!

  3. Oh how I would love to replace Cady's beloved doll, "Princess" with the dred-locks and nasty skin. But I know that the essence of Princess would be lost.