Friday, March 5, 2010

Workshop: "The Art of Tantrum Throwing"

My name is Zachary Kargas, and I used to be just like you. An average preschooler with the ability to annoy the parental figures in my life with an occasional "episode". But something inside of me just knew that I wasn't born to be average, and neither were you. Through serious meditation, study and networking I have learned the art, yes the art, of tantrum throwing. I have evolved from the mild, inconvenient fit thrower, to a true Master of the break down. Young and old are in awe of my performances. I have inspired many youngsters, such as yourself to take The Tantrum to the next level.

Please join me for a once and a life time opportunity. For a mere $1999.99 you could join me for my weekend retreat: "Find the beast within; throw The Tantrum of your life."

Your package will include:

  • Two nights stay at the fabulous "Playroom on Sacramento Street"*

  • Meals from top chef, my mommy. Sample meals include : Macaroni & Cheese with a hint of pureed vegetables of some sort (recipe a variation from Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook), Frozen Waffles with a delicate smothering of Value Time "maple syrup-flavored" product, and her world famous "left over lasagna."

  • Workshops addressing the following key areas of tantrum throwing: "Timing is everything, catch them unaware", "Location, Location, Location, a public place should be your destination", and the "Martial arts of tantrum throwing" (learn techniques such as the back arch, and the windmill/spitting leg kick".

  • Network and share tips and stories with other local tantrum throwers!

This is a unique opportunity with limited space. Sign up today, you will not regret it!

*Visitors at the "Playroom on Sacramento Street" must supply their own bedding and supply of "pull ups", if required. Nightmare insurance is provided at an additonal cost.


  1. oh gosh, you really crack me up - I am totally chuckling out loud at my computer right now. I would be quite interested to sit in on the "Martial Arts of Tantrum Throwing" workshop ;)

  2. Erica, I have a feeling you have an expert in tantrum throwing at home yourself.... :)