Sunday, June 13, 2010

Speaking of hangovers....

My little brother's party was killer. The guest of honor was pretty much MIA the whole time, rumor had it he was playing the role of the diva and wanted to be inside. Whatever, more raisins for us. The crowd was 100% VIP. I think mom may have hired a bouncer for the front door. The juice was flowing. I know I should not have had that last Caprison, a second hit of cake, or that final shot of Smarties...but it was too much to resist. I am in a world of pain today. Well it was worth it because I had a raging good time.

I am a little fuzzy on the details, but somehow all of us boys ended up stripping down and hangin' in the bounce house in our underwear. The girls didn't want to take off their frilly sundresses, but that's cool. Their loss. I heard there is video footage of me mooning my dad mid-jump. There goes my shot of every being elected president.

I probably should have eaten something more substantial for dinner, maybe a bit of the five pounds of potato salad we have left over in the fridge. (Hint to mom-if you want people to eat non-finger food it might be a good idea to give them forks.) Guess we will be eating potato salad for a long time.

At least I held it together until the whole things was over, half of my brother's friends were passed out before the party ended. Their parents had to carry them out. Humiliation.

Dude, the place looks like a bomb went off too. Teddy bear party-hats and half empty juice boxes strewn across the lawn, wrapping paper and deflated balloons lying all over the place.

Someone should really clean that up. Yo, Mom?



  1. Haha- great story and love the shot of the dogs ass-Um- I mean family!

  2. Sounds like he is ready to join a fraternity! Oops.... Sorry Dave!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful party and big brother had a blast even if the birthday boy was MIA some of the time!