Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Behind The Music: Jam Master Z

Born Zachary Paul Kargas in 2005, Jam Master Z grew up in the heart of Denver Colorado. At the tender age of 3 months Z was sent to a downtown daycare center where he quickly learned to hold his own amongst gangs of violent toddlers. His first single "My Truck!' in 2007 showcased his frustration as he struggled to assert his independence and survive in a troubled environment.

Mine! Yo! That's Mine.

My My My My Truck!

Take your hands off it bro! I know it's fine.

But that truck is Mine!

Although the song did poorly with the critics it resonated with his peers, and Jam Master Z was an instant sensation.

Z topped the charts in 2007 and started to hit the playgroup circuit which took it's toll. Months of late afternoon birthday parties and chocolate milk binges left Z in a dark period, suffering from debilitating acid reflux. His song "Playground fool" was a clear call for help.

I'm a playground king

But the names do sting.

Running around

Like a sonic comet

til' I start to vomit.

Used to be the cool kid in school, now I'm a playground fool

His parents listened to his plea for help and intervened sending him to a specialist and ultimately moving him across the country to California where they could start anew and help Z further his career. Z enrolled in a Jewish preschool and found religion, releasing his newest single in late 2009, a holiday song, Shalom, it's Christmas Time. The song topped the charts at the Berkeley JCC and Jam Master Z career seemed to be in full recovery.

Today Z looks to the future with a new found hope as he draws on his own volatile childhood for artistic inspiration, he hopes to inspire other youngsters in daycare centers and preschools across the country. His future is once again bright.


  1. If I had a drink while I was reading this- I would have spit it!
    This is a hilarious post- do you want to come over and hang out- I'll make you a drink!

  2. LOL--I think that boy has a bright future. :)

  3. Lady Ren-I'll take that drink ;)

  4. Hilarious! Violent toddlers! Bio of a junior rapper.

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