Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Who would have guessed it? How could I have possibly known that the 18 year old boy who's idea of a good first date was an around the world party at a buddy's dorm, would turn out to be my husband of nearly 11 years and the father of my children?

As a freshman in college, Dave was typical. He probably spent a good 75% of his time intoxicated and participating in adolescent frat pranks. This is the boy who I fell in love with. And I thank my lucky stars.

Okay, so he isn't perfect. Would I like it if he wanted to snuggle up and watch the Real Housewives with me? Yes. Do I wish he liked to shop and go to the spa with me? Sometimes. But that aside, he certainly he is a catch.

Anyone who observes Dave with his children for 15 minutes will agree, this is one amazing dad. He puts his all into it. He rough houses, and tickles. He sits on the floors and plays trains for hours, he has the patience of a saint. And he loves it. He loves every minute of it. He loves it more than I do, and that is hard to admit. I believe he is the better parent.

Zachary in particular adores him and has almost always preferred him. It stings at times, (hello? mama, here, gave birth to you, remember?), but yet, I feel my heart swell with pride when I watch David running after the kids at a picnic while the other parents sit at the side lines sipping cocktails. We are all in awe.

And dear husband, your children feel your love. They will be better people for it, and someday better Fathers.

Happy Father's Day David.


Your Wife

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  1. Beautifully said and I couldn't agree more! Happy Father's Day, Dave. Thanks for being the best dad to my grandsons!