Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great Give Away-Beautiful Jewlery from Gabby Goo!

Who doesn't like a good farmer's market? All that fresh fruit, the free samples, homemade jams, musicians and local artists... Well my son Zachary, that is who. He senses us approaching a weekend farmers market and groans.... "But I want to do something fun! Not boring!" We try to reason with him, "This is fun Zack! Don't you want to try some berries? Look- fresh cheese curds and wine tasting... er, I mean juice tasting! Fun!" Zack might stuff a couple Mandarin oranges in his mouth but he isn't fooled, this is way too grown up.
Except, we have learned how to scope out the markets with...da..da..dah.... bounce houses! You can't go wrong with a bounce house. The boys get to jump around for few minutes and then we get our share of people watching and fresh produce. Except. Except when there is not a bounce house. This is when we pull out the big guns. The bribes. How about a brownie? A muffin? Ice cream? Yes, we are those kind of parents. Guilty as charged.
This is what happened last weekend. We visited a park and played endlessly on the equipment, and although fun, I was ready for something a bit more grown up. On the way home, driving through a neighborhood we were not totally familiar with, we stumbled upon a small farmer's market. It spanned only a few blocks. Ignoring protests from the backseat we pulled over and dragged the kiddos out. "Only for a few minutes guys! We will find you a treat". It was pushing 1:00, and the vendors were tearing down their stands. It was really just a few fruit and veggie stands and we passed by quickly. Out of the corner of my eye I caught site of a table showcasing sweet homemade baby blankets, the most adorable bunny stuffed animals ever, bibs and mama treats. Yes, mama treats. Purses and jewelry. I had to stop. Of course I did. But sensing that I was on a very short leash, (neither the hubby nor the kiddos care for this type of shopping) I quickly picked up a business card for Gabby Goo and hurried my kids to the ice cream stand before it shut down.
On my way back, scoop of blackberry ice cream in hand, and two happy kids in tow, I made one last swing through Gabby Goo, and spoke with the owner, Barbara. She is a bay area mama, and sells her sweet baby products, jewelry and purses at farmers markets and a couple of local shops (Kid Dynamo). I asked her if she would be willing to donate a product for a blog giveaway and she enthusiastically agreed....
So-you (lucky you!) have a chance to win a pair of Gabby Goo's beautiful earrings! (pictured above) I love these birdie earrings and will have a hard time relinquishing them to the winner, but I can't win my own contest.
What do you have to do to win?
Easy-peecy, lemon squeezy.
1) You must be a follower
2) You must comment to this post by Saturday July 3
3) You must check back to see if you are the winner. The winner will be selected at random using my highly technical name from a hat method. The winner will have until July 6 to respond with their mailing address, or another winner will be selected.
4) Bonus, if you post a link to http://www.getrealmama.blogspot.com/ on your Facebook, Twitter or Blog and let me know, I will enter your name twice!
That's it.
Good luck!


  1. I so desperately miss farmers markets. There is really nothing of the sort here. They advertised a 'farmers market' last summer, and it was really a local artists market, and while that was cool, I want my CHEESE and my MUFFINS! Where is the Madison Farmers Market on the Square???!!!

  2. cute earrings!!!!!
    newbie follower :)

  3. I want them! I want them, I really really do!

  4. I'm game! I love anything handmade! I'll post a link on my blog. Leah

  5. Haha- my monkeys love going to the Farmers Market but I wonder how much it has to do with the fresh healthy food or the shaved ice they get everytime!

  6. The earrings are very cool, but I'll do it just for you, Rachel (I'm quite a fan of your blog myself).
    Ellia lost her bananas last time we went to a farmer's market! What's not to like, indeed?? While I was salivating over fresh peaches, toasty nuts in a bag and dinosaur kale, Ellia was flailing and whining and wanting OUT. I begged. I bribed. I lost.
    Next time I'm scoping out the goodies first!

  7. I like that there is a farmers market downtown on Thursdays by where I work. I can browse through all on my own....

  8. Love those! Im your newest follower!


  9. Maybe if we take the boys together to the farmer's market, it will be more fun?!? Also, I bribe with Kettle Korn--who doesn't love that stuff?? Cool contest and great blog.

  10. Great blog, Rachel! What a fun way to get to know you better. And I will happily post this on Facebook!

  11. I wish we had a REAL farmers market here in our little hometown city, but sorry to say we do not. If we drive around though- we can usually find two or three stands thru town- but none together and nothing as amazing as wine and cheese tasting. Love ur blog.

  12. Sorry i forgot this in the 1st comment- but i posted a link to my fb page- hopefully that helps my chances w/ the earrings. lol. Thanks for the contest- beautiful earings.

  13. cute earrings -- count me in to your contest!