Wednesday, June 16, 2010


There is one thing that all parents of small children have in common. We are tired. Tired, with a capital T. It's easy to spot. The circles under the eyes. The miss-matched socks, and slumped shoulders, the irritable grimace. The mega cup of Starbucks, a constant accessory. I apologize to my readers who do not have children in advance, but I must get this off of my sleepy chest.... you have no idea. I realize you have tiring, difficult days. You may pull long hours at the office, you may wear yourself out running marathons and competing in triathlons. You may ache from a difficult day in the garden or a late night party, you may work your tush off at a thankless volunteer job. But, I feel it's different. Because eventually you have a break. You might veg out in front of the TV on a Saturday, or read a book on the beach all day. You may take a REAL vacation.

I can say that with the exception of a six day vacation when Zachary was 11 months old, and a weekend in Vegas for our ten year anniversary, David and I have been on the go for nearly five years. Five years of getting up with the sun, and sometimes before. Five years when the best we can do was a hire a babysitter and steal a couple hours on a Saturday night for dinner. Five years of juggling a baby on one hip, a basket of laundry on the other, with a phone wedged between shoulder and ear making a doctor's appointment for the son with an ear infection. Is life enjoyable? Yes. I can't complain and our days are filled with family fun. Yet, how my body longs for true down time. Time when I am not a) working b) commuting c) cleaning d) playing referee to two squabbling kids e) cooking or even f) blogging in a hurry.

I just want quiet. Pure peace. Days of nothing. Days of no one. Waking up without a plan and nobody to report to or look after. Hours alone with zero guilt. Reading and writing without a ticking clock. I want a break.

I want to not be Tired.


  1. I long for this too. But I also suspect that when I finally get it that I will have NO idea what to do with myself. Rob and I have had only one over night away from the kids since Cady was born and I don't know if we even remember what we used to do when we weren't trying to do it all!

  2. Hang in there, It gets easier, even if just a bit!
    Luna x

  3. Such a timely post- I'm tired this morning after our toddler decided to wake up super early and chat in her crib. Sleep is never complete these days. Nor are any of my books!

  4. I'd respond, but I am too damn Tired.

  5. Wait another thirty years and you can retire and visit the grandkids!!!

  6. I have not spent a night away from my 3 year old daughter since she was born and one thing I would love is just a complete break, preferably with my husband but if not without, but right now it is just not possible.

    But then I also know one day I am going to wake up to an empty house, daughter in college, everything quiet and really, really miss these wonderful days I have with her now.