Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The next six weeks

Hi ho! Hi ho! It's off to work I go.....

I got a job. The kind that pays money. I am pretty excited, particularly because it is only a six week contract for a full time position with a great company. This means that I get to try out the whole working-mommy thing and get a real taste for it. If it is too overwhelming, than I have an easy out. If I love it, then I have to pray that my contract is extended or that at least this job makes me more marketable for future work in the bay area.

In any case for six weeks I get to wear real grown-up clothes (the kind that are not stained and wrinkly), and head to the city daily with the rest of the commuters. I get to talk to grown ups all day, and activate the non-mommy side of my brain once again.

It also means stress. Because of the short-term nature of this contract I had to make myself available right away with little time to figure out the childcare situation or mentally prepare my kids for much less mommy time. I am interviewing a potential nanny tomorrow, and if that doesn't pan out I will need to rely on a fairly complicated combination of a known in-home daycare provider for Evan and after school care for Zack. Not ideal. But at least I am fairly confident that this scenario assures that I am not trusting my children to an axe murderer, whereas with a new nanny...just how do you know... for sure? There are reference checks, yes. Background checks too. But this woman would be a stranger and it is a bit unsettling.

Things will be hectic here. Two full time working parents means that the laundry and the grocery shopping are less likely to get done reliably. That play dates cannot easily be arranged, that there is less time to maintain a social life for the family. And less time for blogging. (Horrors!)

I will miss my boys. Well okay I will miss my boys sometimes, but lets be honest, in the past couple of weeks I have watched Evan transform from a cuddly agreeable bundle of joy to a moody teething toddler. I could use a little break from temper-tantrum central. Yet I know I will miss them none the less. I'll miss our sunny afternoons at the park and the trips to the library. I'll miss picking up Zack from preschool each afternoon and hanging out for "circle time". I'll miss my time at the Y, I had actually started working out regularly and I know I can kiss that goodbye.

But it's six weeks. Six weeks. You can do just about anything for six weeks right?



  1. i think it will be a good amount of time to figure out if you want to work or not. right now i am on week 6 after returning from maternity leave. but i have already put in notice...they would only give me full-time and i want part-time. good luck - if you can find a way to do it all let me know how!

  2. You will miss them. You will cherish the grown-up time. You will hate the commute because that is when you will think about how you are missing your kids. I worked full-time with Diva, I work part-time with Boy Child. Two different kids, two different worlds. Give it a chance and see what it teaches you. It's all good.