Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blogging about blogging

So I have been at this whole blog thing for a while now. Eight months actually, but who is counting? It started innocently. I got tired of reading other peoples chipper facebook postings and recipe blogs, so I decided to start my own. I thought it might be an outlet for all of my snarky, sarcastic comments about parenting.

Then I started reading other blogs. I found blogs that attract thousands of visitors. I found blogs with advertisements and big prize give aways. Mamas making money with their snarky, sarcastic comments, or their recipes for double chocolate dirt cake with gummy worms. I was intrigued. How did they become so popular?

Then a friend introduced me to Google Analytics. I discovered that it was possible to track exactly how many people visited your site everyday, and what part of the country they live in, and how long they spend reading your snarky, sarcastic comments.

I became obsessed. I checked my analytics daily with the morning coffee. How come nobody was reading? But then again, how did I get a reader in London? A real-live person in London reads my blog (Thank you by the way, you must know who you are!!) Pretty cool. So I now have 46 "followers", well actually 45, because somehow when my husband tried to sign up to follow me, he signed in under my name, so that doesn't really count. And now I want to know how to get from 46 readers to 1000. Why? Do I want to make a career out of blogging? Not particularly. Is it because I am reverting to my days of middle school where I desperately wanted to be popular? Maybe.

I am not sure. It's a strange thing, this bloggy culture. People are making careers of the trend. Social Media I believe they call net. Or social networking or whatever the buzz word of the day is. And it's funny because I am not exactly "cutting edge" when it comes to technology. Sure I am obsessed with Facebook, but this is a girl who sent her first text message only a year ago. I don't know how to download music to my ipod. Today during a phone interview for a position that I desperately want the hiring manager asked me "So do you Twitter?" Ummm.... no. I guess Twitter is the new secret recruiting weapon, and I have to get on the ball.

So I have a lot to learn. Apparently I'll never get to 1000 readers if I don't "Tweet". Apparently I might not be able to land a job either, but that is besides the point. I have my work cut out for me.

Stay tuned, I am just getting started.


  1. I think everyone's blogs go through stages. At first, it was all about the followers. Then I stopped caring and writing for me.

    And don't get me started on Twitter. I definitely got sucked in a year ago and there's no looking back. However, it has opened a lot of doors for me so no regrets!

  2. I started blogging 3 years ago to see what it is all about. I have found that in order to get readers (& comments) you need to do the same for others. If you haven't done so already, I would suggest joining a blogging site such as or a Ning group that shares your interests.

    Thanks for stopping by & visiting my blog. You have already read my Twitter post so I won't repeat myself here. It takes time to see how things work & to see what Social Media tools are right for you.