Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Possible Nightmares

Last night while laying awake at midnight, feverish and unable to sleep, I heard Zack stir. He started mumbling and whimpering, almost crying. A nightmare. My husband, also unable to sleep turned to me and said "Poor guy. He is having a nightmare. What do you think he dreams about? I bet being lost". Nah, I told him, my guess is that the terrible dream entails him receiving a bowl of cereal that is (HORRORS) smaller than his brothers. David laughed, but I wasn't kidding.

Zack's nightmares, three possible scenarios.

Scenario #1:

Zack is hiking Tanzanian mountains with his beloved Mr. Brown Doggie. (For those of you who are not aware, Mr. Brown Doggie originates from this African country). The two are having a grand old time, walking, waving at fellow hikers (all superheros of course) and munching an endless supply of goldfish crackers. All of the sudden BAM! They are no longer in Tanzania but they are instead, in a WOMAN'S CLOTHING STORE! And BAM! Mr. Brown Doggie transforms from a floppy old stuffed dog into a plastic BABY DOLL!!! Whaaaaa!

Scenario #2

Zack stumbles down to the breakfast table anxiously awaiting his daily bowl of honey nut cheeerios (well Tastee o's if we are going to be specific). He sits down in his usual spot and Daddy comes to the table with a heaping bowl of... da da dah.....SCRAMBLED EGGS. Whaaaa!

Scenario #3

It's playgroup day. Hurray! Zachary cannot wait to see his best friend Eli. We arrive at playgroup to find.....da da dah......all girls! But it gets worse. Mommy promised snacks, but all the treats are (you guessed it), SCRAMBLED EGGS! Whaaaaaa!

It ain't easy being a kid.

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