Sunday, March 14, 2010


Memo from the CEO

To: All Staff
Regarding: Company Policies

Dear Kargas Inc Staff,

I find it disappointing that I must draft this important memo. I feel however that I can no longer ignore the blatant disregard I have witnessed for our company policies. It is time that I address these issues head on.

Let me please remind you of the following Kargas Inc policies.

Confidentiality Agreement: At the time of hire each employee entered into a confidentiality agreement with Kargas Inc. This agreement protects the organization's trade secrets and must be adhered to. This agreement has been breached on several occasions over the past few months. One staff member disclosed to a subcontracting organization, The Jewish Community Center that his favorite pizza topping is sausage and that his father prepares bacon for breakfast on the weekends. Completely and totally inappropriate. This very employee has also exposed the assets of our private supply closets to visitors not employed by Kargas Inc, therefor embarrassing our janitorial staff.

Harassment Policy: Many companies claim to have a zero tolerance harassment policy. We feel that we are a little more realistic here at Kargas Inc. We expect the occasional taunt or wrestling match between staff members, but we simply must draw the line and ask that staff refrain from using blunt or sharp objects in such disputes. Additionally the verbal harassment has gotten out of hand, our Chef was very distraught after one staff member threw her chicken parmesean on the floor screaming "I don't like that". This type of abuse will no longer be tolerated. You will eat what is served, and you will like it. Period.

No Shedding Policy: As the months are getting warmer we have noticed that the support staff is having a much more difficult time adhering to our no shedding policy. It is extremely important that this policy is followed, for the unsightly fur reflects poorly on our company and might be considered a health hazard by some. For those of you who cannot refrain from shedding all together, we ask that you restrict such practice to a designated shedding area (the garage).

We value your employment here, we want to create an environment where all employees feel safe and appreciated. It is also critical that we maintain our good reputation and image in the business community. We need your cooperation to accomplish these goals. If you have any questions or concerns you can share them with your supervisor who will likely tell you... tough cookies.

Best Regards,

Kargas Inc Co-Founder & CEO

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