Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a Day.

So mother's day exceeded my expectations. Perhaps it has more to do with my own frame of mind than anything that actually happened, but I have felt absolutely joyful all day. Of course my boys have treated me well. I was permitted to sleep in, which although pathetic, meant 8am because I simply cannot stay in bed any longer these days. I rose and went downstairs to find my boys with bowls of cereal plopped in front of the dreaded Sponge Bob. Entranced in the god-awful program, they failed to acknowledge me until their father hollered from the kitchen "eh hem!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!" Zachary shot up and ran for the kitchen. He emerged moments later clutching a bouquet of white and yellow flowers and chirped a clearly rehearsed "Happy Mother's Day Mommy!" I hugged him tight. I grabbed both boys onto my lap and sat down to watch an episode of the stupid yellow sponge with them. Coffee was poured for me.

It was a grey morning and there was a light sprinkle of rain, so I sat and played board games with Zachary while the husband fetched bagels from a nearby shop. We had a brunch of bagels, smoked salmon and fresh cherries. I was presented with a homemade card featuring a lion sticker and the word "Zoo" scrawled in Zachary's handwriting.

This afternoon Zack and I ventured out for a mommy/son date to see "How to Train Your Dragon". Zack sat on my lap, munching popcorn and I felt proud as punch that he was my son.

At home now, I am enjoying a glass of Zinfandel, while my boys are baking a Mother's Day chocolate cake.

I feel gitty with love, and beyond lucky. I know that I tend to be a world-class whiner, and this blog is often a space where I vent about the challenges of motherhood. But when we get down to it, this is the life I dreamed of. I couldn't want for more. (Well maybe a bigger house, a live in maid, a flatter belly, and a little extra disposable income, but you get the idea). I am truly, madly in love with my family and this wonderful, crazy, messy life.


  1. I totally hear you. While Mother's Day was pretty much a disaster around here (Sunday isn't a day off, so I had to work, so did Eytan, had to run Maya to ballet, make dinner, my regular thing) I am also very lucky, very happy, and very satisfied with my kids, my life and my family. Even though I whine.