Thursday, May 27, 2010

A slice of life

Not every blog post has to be brilliant right? Today I give you a little slice of my life, heck I'll even make it alamode.

What was my day like? Well it it gives you any idea I have to stop typing every few words to helplessly scratch at the angry red amoxicillin rash that has taken over my body. I am ready to rip my skin off. I started taking the antibiotic about ten days ago to treat my first ever case of strep throat, which was by the way, the WORST sore throat I have ever had in my life. The drug cured the illness but left a nasty calling card. So here I am barely able to function because I can't stop with the damn scratching. I was just informed by my doctor that the itchy red bumpy mess may stick around for a good week. Lovely. Please just don't spread to my face. The last thing I need is to look like I have face full of screaming zits.

And now for the alamode, the whipped cream shall we say, on my day. I lost my beloved cell phone on the train. I know a tragedy. But hang with me here, it is hard to lose your phone. I realize that I am not saying anything newsworthy, but we rely on our little cell phones, a lot of our lives are stored in these pocket sized telecommunication devices. I don't know any one's phone number anymore, because I just punch in their name. My whole social life revolves around that phone. I realized that I had lost it a couple hours after arriving at the office because I was expecting an important call. I rummaged through my pockets and my purse and came up empty handed. I dialed the number, no answer. I dialed again, nothing. I contacted Verizon Wireless and was told that someone had in fact been using my phone to make calls. Bastard. I was angry. Why oh why couldn't some good Samaritan have found my little red phone? And now what? The dreaded trip to a Verizon Wireless store. Remember my post about the DMV? A trip to the cell phone store is almost as close to hell.

So to make the loooong story short, because a trip to Verizon is never quick and easy, I had no insurance on my phone so I either had to spend an astronomical amount of money on a new one, get a crappy used one, or opt into a new contract to get a decent phone for cheap. So now I have a brand new two year contract and a not so fancy phone. Hurray.

So there you have it folks. A little slice of rachie pie.

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  1. Ugg. I get hives from amoxicillan as well... it's the worst! I even had hives on my tongue once! Sorry that you are having a rough time. Sending you some positive thoughts!