Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost: My analysis

Lost is over. They all died. They met in some crazy place (AKA: Sideways) where they reunited and walked through the pearly gates together. Although some of them died years before, and some many years later they all found each other in "sideways" at the precise (and best looking) age they were when they were last seen on the island. This includes Claire's baby.... which confused me. Are we to believe that this baby never grew up? Will the baby age in heaven, or simply stay forever an infant in constant need of Claire's motherly attention? So many holes...

But beyond all of the frequently asked questions and explanations "time is irrelevant!", I have a few glaring inquires of my own, ones that I do not believe have ever been addressed:

  1. On an island with such a limited food supply, how on earth did Hurley stay so obese? After several months of living on papaya and fish, one would have thought he might have dropped a few lbs?

  2. In that same vain, with all of the skinny minis that descended on the island, you might imagine that in their already fragile conditions, the runway-ready beauties might drop dead from heat exhaustion, lack of Special K Cereal and fat free probiotic yogurt in the first two months or so... yet some how they persevere climbing cliffs, building rafts and hauling supplies back and forth across the God forsaken island.

  3. Are we suppose to believe that Kate is sexy under any circumstances? The woman never looked bad. Whether she was sweating from lugging around a pack while hiking in a humid jungle, suffering from a chest wound or in jail she was smokin. How is that possible? Granted she would put her hair back now and then, but she never really had a bad hair day. A day when her hair was limp and oily or totally frizzing out from all of that humidity. Nope never happened to good ol' Kate. And just how are we suppose believe that? We women know better.

  4. Finally that dog Vincent, sure it was sweet that he survived to the end, laying down with Jack while he took his last breaths, but come on, the pup should have been wild boar food in season one.

So there you have it folks. One of a million and one comments on the season finale of a pop culture phenomenon. With all my of my snark, I am actually glad that I tuned in. And yes. I am going to miss Jack. It was almost like reliving the last episode of Party of Five. Almost.


  1. lost is lost and they are lost together forevah.

  2. I agree.. lots of holes left untied at the end, but still, I am sad that it is over.

  3. You crack me up! Wish I would have met you in person when you lived in Denver... we'd have a lot to talk about. :)

  4. 1) Remember the ranch dressing?
    2) Yeah, even after being shot, stabbed, etc.
    3) I think she only pulled her hair back once or twice. She has amazing magical hair powers - must be why she was a candidate.
    4) Yeah, what's he eating, anyways?

    A few more questions: