Sunday, May 2, 2010

A blog post

First and foremost, I must announce the winner of the Hip Violet bib. Thank you to all of you who participated!

The winner is.....Jayme! Jayme, please email me at with your address, so that I may send you the bib.

And now, a blog post.

Today we hit the Oakland zoo. Beautiful, sunshiny day, perfect day to walk around an view caged animals with everyone else in the city. Kidding aside, it was fun. And Zack decided he had to wear his pirate costume for the occasion. You know, pirates and zoos. Like peanut butter and jelly.

And it got me to thinking. What if grownups got to behave like children? And here is what I determined.

If I were to live my adult life like a 4.5 year old.
  • I would buy a pair of those red glittery "Dorthy" slippers and wear them each and every day. To the office, to the park, on date night. Every day. Because they are shiny.
  • I would delight in eating pancakes drenched in syrup and butter for breakfast without a second thought.
  • I would eat a handful of grapes for lunch without feeling hungry after.
  • I would never wear clothes that were too tight or shoes that hurt my feet for the sake of fashion. I would probably wear a tu-tu every now and then, because they are pretty.
  • A messy house would not embarrass me. Dishes be damned, they could sit in the sink.
  • I would read a book everyday.
  • I would think that every 35-year-old was my friend.
  • I would spend a lot less time on this here computer

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