Tuesday, May 4, 2010

If Zack had a Facebook Page.

"Evan is a Poopy!"

"Banana pancakes, sausage, and fruit salad for breakfast again. Gross!"

"I don't think my parents know nearly as much about dinosaurs or volcanoes as they let on"

"Daddy is a Poopy!"

"I don't know why my mom is always cleaning up my stuff. Is she trying to make it look like we don't live here?"

"I am never ever ever ever going to eat eggs ever ever again. EVER."

"YOU are a Poopy!"

"If you keep saying that I am going to unfriend you! Your mean!"

"Argg! GRRRRR! Walk the plank! ROAR! I am a Pirate-Dinosaurs"

"Need a little advice-mother's day gift: Chick Hicks matchbox car or Spider Man underwear?"


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