Monday, August 30, 2010

Membership Drive ala NPR

We interrupt our regular blog with the first annual Getrealmama membership drive. For the next week there will be endless tedious posts explaining why you should support this blog. You will visit each day briefly forgetting about the drive, anticipating another riveting essay. Alas, you will be disappointed to find yet another blurb explaining that we rely on readers like you, for inspiration. Yes reader, it is your witty comments that keeps this blog ticking.

Whether you appreciate the pure comedic genius of getrealmama, or you read for the intelligent, insightful musings of a self-deprecating lady, I need you. (Membership drive, or stupid flashback episode? You be the judge.)

How can you help?

  • Comment. Comment often. Tell me what you like. Tell me that I am brilliant. My posts are hysterical. You love me. That sort of thing.

  • Follow me. In fact if you think of yourself as a friend, and you are not an official follower, you might want to rethink. **

  • Spread the Getrealmama word! Recommend me on Facebook, or Tweet one of your favorite posts, spread the shear joy of ME! Dude really? How could you resist? ***

Not "feeling" the above options? There is still an alternative way to help. Getrealmama needs money. Blogging is expensive. Creativity is sparked by dollars. Just think, if I had enough money I could take a trip to Bali ,Paris or Rome. I could shop for high-end brands, go to the best restaurants. You would benefit, because of course I'll write about it, for you, my readers. And as a bonus- donate and you are eligible for the following rewards.

$50-A getrealmama coffee mug! Because, come on, who could have enough coffee mugs?Inconceivable.

$150- A getrealmama official T-shirt! One word- Wow.

$500-All of the above, plus an autographed 8x10 glossy photo of you-know-who!

** Like the Kargas Family Christmas card? Want to keep receiving them? Start Following.

*** Don't have anything nice to say? You know what they say about that.

We thank you for your continued support.



  1. What, no C.D.s of Peter Paul and Mary? They give them away on Wisconsin Public Television. We actually got 75 years' worth of folk music C.D.s for sending in $100. Maybe an 8 by 10 glossy photo of Zack and Evan? I LOVE your blog, but I'm your mom, so I guess I don't count.

  2. Love it! Great send up if ever I read one :-) I don't read giveaway style blogs but somehow have twice found myself the winner of a "prize" and in both cases have strangely never received them, including a $50 Starbucks card, which I was quite sad about being a myth :-)

  3. You ARE hysterical. Wish I knew you in real life.
    Yes, blogging is expensive. Sometimes I think I am laughing in the face of my family's financial security by spending these endless fruitless hours in front of the screen instead of doing something genuinely profitable. What a dilemma!

  4. LOL, this was too funny. You ARE brilliant lady!!!

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am following you now. I am excited to connect. Dianne