Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mr. Sun

Hey Sun,

Yeah, I'm talking to you. Nice of you to make an appearance this summer. Grace us with your golden presence for a whopping two days. You're a little late for the party aren't you? In case you haven't notice it's August the 24th. The summer is just about over.

My dear Sun, you have been absent for months now. Bueller? Bueller?

Day after day, I searched for you, only to come face to face with Fog. Clouds. Grey. They all get the Perfect Attendance Award for the season. A+++. But you? M.I.A.

And now at this late hour, you rise to show your shiny face. As if to taunt us. 4th of July Barbecue? Nope. Warm days at the pool? Negative. A sundress on my birthday? Try a turtleneck. A hot afternoon and a cool beer at the ball game? I'll take hot chocolate. Thanks a lot.

But I am sure you will be here to set the mood for Christmas.


  1. Yeah, pretty sure we are cursing the same sun....today was by far the hottest day of the summer, which coincided with the second day of school for the kids. I'm thinking at this point, we may as well just head right into fall.

  2. But you have Zachary's Pizza and Saul's!

  3. LOL, too funny...that same sun has been brutal to us this summer, but I guess thats to make up for the lack of it last year. So I understand, I'm just ready for fall.