Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why August Rocks

August is a pretty good month if you're me. And since I fit that bill it suits moi just fine.

Why August? Because it is a month of Kargas family celebrations. August 14th: Our anniversary. This year is our 11th anniversary. (Please hold your applause until the end folks). Of course that means last year was the BIG TEN. I had high hopes for the BIG TEN. A second honeymoon back in Portugal or perhaps a week at a luxury resort in Hawaii. Reality set in. We were contemplating a move to California, had two small kids at home and a (very) limited budget. So, a hasty, fun, yet unmemorable trip to Vegas was the end result. (Photo above). Not what we had in mind, but heck at least we were celebrating ten years. This year it is of course, 11. And instead of a couple's night out we are attending a family wedding in Half Moon Bay. Without kids. And staying over night. Well all-right!

August 21st (drum roll please) the celebration of the anniversary of yours truly. MY BIRTHDAY. (Applause is now appropriate). I have already referenced my affection for birthdays in earlier posts, but let me reinforce that this is MY BIRTHDAY. The best day of the whole long year. The day I anticipate starting right about now. I never hesitate to remind those around me of the upcoming event. I don't like to leave anything to chance. If Molly Ringwald looked like a spoiled pout in Sixteen Candles, I assure you that it would pale in comparison should anything be amiss on my special day. Last year was a mixed bag. 8/21/09, I had a girls party planned at my favorite Champagne Bar (Corridor 44) in Denver. A group of fabulous women accompanied me for a fantastic evening, which sadly became marred by the job offer my husband received that very day. The job offer that would ultimately leave me far away from my ladies this year. So there will not necessarily be a Rachel Love Fest this year, but believe-you-me, I ain't letting it go. Nope. I am eagerly anticipating an amazing 24 (plus) hours of pampering. Which means, honey, if you are reading this, pressure is on you babe.

Happy August Everyone!!


  1. Happy August, Anniversary and Birthday! Great month!

  2. My sister-in-law celebrates her birth month, which I think is a great idea. You can pack in more pleasure.

  3. You are lucky-I hate August. It means kids go back to school. I get so sad!!! Happy August to you though-enjoy it!

  4. Happy August! Lots of celebrating to do!

  5. Being a fellow lover-of-birthdays-especially-my-own, I really hear you. I think us locals need to indulge you, Rachel. How many planning and shopping days are left?

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  7. Happy birthday!

    I'm a friend of your mom's,and I just love your blog. I was a newspaper reporter/editor for 25 years, so hopefully my opinion means something! You make me laugh out loud. I practically fell off my chair reading Life As a Four-Year-Old. Feel free to follow up on that one!

    I'm coming to Berkeley next week so we may be able to meet!