Wednesday, August 25, 2010


All of the sudden my kid's want nothing more than to be naked. It happens every evening as I am getting dinner ready. Just as I am putting the finishing touches on the healthy meal that will go untouched, I look over to see my two little streakers. Just what starts this off? I can only imagine:

Zack: Evan, I am planning a corporate take-over.

Evan: Huh?

Zack: That's right. I have had just about enough of our "leadership". Mama's gotta be taken down!

Evan: Mama!

Zack: Once I am running this place there are going to be some major changes. I am going to be the grown up!

Evan: Blank look.

Zack: Get this: Bed time-A million o-clock!

Evan: Night-night? I need my da-dow (translation: pillow)

Zack: Also, the tv will be on all of the time. And we will only watch cartoons. No news!

Evan: Can I watch TV now? Can I watch Dago and baby Jagwa? (Translation: Diego and Baby Jaguar).

Zack: Not now. Mommy is in the other room. When I am boss we will eat Subway sandwiches every single day. Or McDonald's. Only meals with "prizes!".

Evan: I'm hungry. I want Milkie.

Zack: Only chocolate Milk! And a new dress code! From now on-all naked-all -the-time!

Evan: I take my diaper off!

Both boys strip down and start running around the house screaming. Naked.



  1. Haha- I hope you survived the coup!
    R- you make me laugh.

  2. Hysterical! so silly! My daughter likes to run when I say it is time to get ready in the morning. The giggles come out and it takes a while before we can get her dressed and ready. The little cuties always keep things busy for us! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  3. I'm sure this is exactly how it went down. My daughter liked being naked. She still does in fact, which is a problem, since she's 7. Hmmm....

  4. I know so many children love to do this but thankfully my daughter has never once done it. Getting her out of her clothes is the issue around here, especially when it means putting on PJ's ready for bed :-)

  5. That was hysterical! We're so naked around here. My daughter just dropped trou this afternoon and started singing, "Shake you bootie" to me in the kitchen. All I care is that they know they're not supposed to do it outside the house. And what can you say? Their butts are so cute!

  6. LOL, thats too funny. My kids do the same thing, especially my son. He has no shame what so ever, but its too cute :)