Sunday, April 18, 2010

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Berkeley Tot Network Message Board

Looking for advice

Dear BTN: I am looking for a playgroup for 30-40 year olds. My mommy is 35 years old, and generally easy to get along with. I need to find an activity for her as she tends to get cranky at around 4:00 pm if I have been home with her all day . The ideal group would have other 35 year olds, who like to sit around, talk and drink out the special glasses. If you are a BOY who likes superheros and CARS, and have a mommy like mine, I want to hear from you!

Signed, Zachary Kargas

Dear BTN: I think there is something wrong with my parents. They seem to require an unusual amount of sleep. Every morning, I wake up full of energy and hungry and need to be tended to. It is always such a chore to rouse them out of bed at a reasonable hour. Do my parents need more vitamins? Do you think they might not be eating as many vegetables as they are telling me? What is going on with my sleepy mom and dad?! Help, need some advice ASAP!

Signed, Wide awake and hungry.

Dear BPN: My mother has signed me up for a Yoga class. I am a preschooler, and have little interest in meditation. I have attended several classes and simply hate it. I have told my parents that I would rather take race car driving lessons, but so far, they seem to be ignoring me. I am worried that the next step is going to be glutton-free snack "crackers". What do I do?

Signed-Not a Native Berkeley Kid.


The BTN subgroup: Kids for Funner Parks is holding a rally next Saturday. Our group hopes to raise awareness about the growing number of boring parks in our area. In addition to demanding playgrounds with way funner climbing equipment we are also encouraging law makers to consider passing a regulation that would require every park to have a slide monitor on staff during daytime hours. Our hope is that with monitors on site there will be far fewer incidents of playground bullying and slides will be utilized in a fair and just manner.

For Sale

  • Brand new Orange Gap Shirt, size 5T. Perfect condition, it's just stupid because it doesn't have any cars, trucks or rockets on it. I'll never wear it.... FREE to anyone with bad taste.

  • Baby doll with hand-knit sweater from grandmother. I don't play with dolls. One nickle, or best offer.

  • One full Tuna Noodle Casserole, baked on Friday. My mother's recipe. Maybe you will like it. Free, or best offer.


  1. Dear Zachary,

    While I do not have a boy who likes cars, I am an adult who likes to drink out of special glasses and also gets cranky by 4 if not provided with a playmate. Perhaps I could entertain your mommy this week, giving you more time to play with cars nearby?


  2. I have a boy who loves trucks and cars. I am 32 and gets cranky even before 4pm! If you are open to an earlier playdate (and don't mind travelling) Perhaps I could play with your mommy? We can contribute cars and trucks to play with.