Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stop and smell the ants. (or something like that)

I am a little frustrated. Big people, they are always in such a hurry. I used to buy into it, I thought maybe they knew something that I didn't. Perhaps we really were at risk for missing out on something big, like an all you can eat animal cracker buffet or lunch with Elmo, but I have been let down one too many times and I now know that this is simply not the case. It's a lot of hurry up for nothing.

Just today for example mommy was in such a rush to get home after we picked my brother up from "preschool". (I am not sure what preschool is, but I think it must be the greatest place on earth and it is quite unjust that I am not allowed to attend). In any case she kept shooing us to the car "come on boys! let's go!" she commanded, her voice getting more shrill with each passing minute. I was watching the ants crawling along the sidewalk, they were little and black and they must have been having a birthday party because there were so many of them. I was trying to figure out just what ants did at an insect party and mommy just pulled me up and forced me into the car seat. We speed home. And for what? A nap, that's what. She shoved me in my crib and and chirpped "night night!" Night Night? It's 2:00 in the afternoon. You can't fool me. I may be only 19 months but I am not stupid. Now I admit I enjoy a good nap as much as the next toddler, however I can take an nap any old time, but I ask you, how often does one get to attend an ant birthday party?

This afternoon there is talk of a playgroup at my favorite indoor play cafe. But I know how that goes. Just as I am getting comfortable and I have finally broken the ice with some of the group's attendees, mommy is going to announce that it is time to leave so we can go home and have dinner. I'll get two hours there tops. Really two hours? I'll just be getting started. It is never any use to argue. Zachary tries, bless him. He will attempt to bargain for "five more minutes" and mommy will and trick him by giving maybe two minutes.

Whatever the case, whatever the situation it is always rush, rush, rush. To the car, to the next appointment, to my crib, to the next meal. My question for all of you grown-ups is simple. What is the big emergency? Please slow down. Admire the ants, smell the graham crackers, enjoy the moment.

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