Monday, January 11, 2010

A misunderstood tot.

Who's hot? Come on now, think of one of the best looking boys you know. Think. Think a little harder. I will give you a hint. Wavy blond hair. Deep blue eyes. A smile that lights up the universe around him. A pudgy little belly, a funny waddle, and a body that always carries a faint air of diaper cream. Ringing a bell? Hello! It's none other than yours truly... Evan Arthur Kargas.

I am no less than a lady killer. I know it. I get stopped constantly. The compliments are non-stop, and mostly expressed by total strangers. "What a beautiful boy!" "He is certainly a charmer!" "He is GORGEOUS!" (A personal favorite).

At the risk of appearing a wee bit conceited, I must simply admit that it is utterly the honest to God truth. I am a looker with serious fashion sense. When it comes to toddler style, I know what I am doing.

Sweaters-I have them custom made by a designer in Wisconsin. Hand knit. As for casual wear, I know how to rock the pin-striped overalls. I am also known to never shy away from any outfits adorned with cute animal emblems. (Paul Frank's Monkey's are killer this season).

Given my keen fashion sense, I just cannot understand my mother's need to impose her styling upon me. She always wants the last say. I can handle an occasional attempt to tame my wild (yet beautiful) mane of hair, or the necessary diaper change, however there is a point when I really must draw the line.

I have tried in no uncertain terms to communicate to mommy that I am a trend setter. I know what the next best thing is even before Parenthood, Family Circle or Fit Pregnancy. I am in touch with what is hip. So I have selected to be a one shoe-tot. They are doing it in Milan. No really they are. One shoe. One sock. It's on the runway, or will be soon. Yet every single time I remove the shoe, she is there, Johnny-On-The-Spot, trying to shove the bugger back on. It is a back and forth battle. I have even attempted on several occasions to hide the offending garment in various locations throughout our home. Unfortunately my older brother appears to be siding with mother on this issue and keeps locating the damn thing for her. It figures, he is so last year.
So if you see my by chance with both shoes on. Cry for me. Cry. My creativity is being suffocated. So very misunderstood am I.

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