Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FW: Post

For those of you who know me, it is clear that I am a Facebook addict. There are many things to love about the social networking phenomena, however one of my favorite perks is that Facebook has practically eliminated the unnecessary, complete waste of time email "forward".

I apologize to any of my dear friends who once perpetuated the dreaded "Forward" trend. I have to be honest with you. I have always hated them. Those silly pictures of babies wearing grown-up clothes, corny and mean. The sappy flowery poems about "real friendship" (please forward this message on to all of the wonderful wise women in your world). The superstitious chain-letter (I usually don't forward these kind of things on, but right now I need all the luck I can get!). The email that lures you into opening up an attached photo of some "hunk" in a thong just as your VP of HR walks past your cubicle. The urban tale that spreads like wildfire across cyberspace (Did you know that the Swiffer Wet Jets cause erectile dysfunction?) I simply despise them.

It didn't happen over night, but slowly as my Facebook "wall" got filled up with my friend's random status updates, the forwards stopped coming. Now, I am very rarely tricked into thinking that a trusted acquaintance is forwarding on a piece of very important news only to open up a picture of cat in a santa hat.

Sure, there are some silly little games people play on Facebook, the ones where you are suppose to confuse everyone by entering the color of your bra in your status, but somehow I find these so much less offensive than their emailed counterpart.

So thank you good Facebook for providing us all with another way to connect. And thank you dear friends for refraining from sending me the hilarity of the newest "Forward".

Now...please forward this post to ten of your best friends, if you do something terrific will happen in five days. Please do it. If you don't you will screw it up for everyone. Oh and please enjoy the picture below.



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