Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A bit of healthy whining

If I were the type of person who made new year's resolutions I might have decided that in 2010 I would avoid "sweating the small stuff", I would let things roll of my back, I would focus on the positive. However, since I am most definitely not that type of girl, no resolutions have been made and therefor, I'm still sweating.

My latest beef-the downtown Berkeley parking garage at the YMCA. I joined the YMCA about a month ago, thinking it might be a good idea to get this old body to the gym every now and then. They have child care available, swim lessons for the kids, a "baby gym". Great. I forked over my monthly fee of $62 and now I have a membership card with all it's privileges. What I didn't realize is that there is no free place to park by the gym. Duh. Why would there be? This is Berkeley after all. Everything costs something. There is a parking garage conveniently located right next door,the cost $5. That's a lot if your a gym rat, which I am not, so no big deal. Beyond the expense the parking garage has suited me just fine, until yesterday.

Yesterday Zachary had his very first swim lesson at 5:00. It was fabulous. He loved it, the whole thing went off without a hitch. Proud mommy watching behind the glass window as Zack splashed and laughed and followed directions. The heavens sing. The class is 30 minutes long. By the time we change and get back to the car it is 5:45. "I'm hungry" announces Zack. No problem, we will be home in less than 15 minutes and I have dinner all ready. We buckle up and back out of our spot on the fourth floor of the garage. I drive around the corner to find traffic stopped at floor 3.5. Stopped. Not moving. I wait patiently. Drum my fingers on the steering wheel. How long could this possibly go on? It will speed up. Ten minutes go by. I have moved about 4 feet. From the back seat "I'M HUNGRY MOMMY!! Why aren't we moving?". I have no freaking idea.

35 minutes later (longer than the actual swimming class mind you), I arrive at the parking attendant-livid. It seems criminal to me. Trapped in a parking garage. What if my child had been throwing up or I had to pick up a kid from daycare? I informed the attendant that I had to wait for 35 minutes and he merely shrugged his shoulders and informed me that it was busy. So this is NORMAL???? I have seven more pre-paid 5pm swim classes to attend. Are we going to have to go through this each time? Isn't there some way they could speed up this process? Open up another exit? Have a cash only express lane...something? I asked a friend about alternative parking and she looked at me sadly and said "that's just life in the East Bay".

So that's it. Life in the East Bay has it's share of hassles. I guess unless I am willing to move to a suburban community with convenient strip malls and plenty of free parking, I need to shut my mouth, and stop sweating. But thats just not my style.

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