Sunday, December 13, 2009

You're Going To Miss Me.

Admit it, you are going to miss me. I know that you tune in daily and are riveted by my witty, thought provoking ramblings (wink,wink). Alas, as I embark on a 12 day journey to visit friends and family, I will be torn away from one of my greatest loves, the INTERNET.

While I know that my fingers will be itching to type away award worthy blog essays, I do not know that I will have access to a computer during my travels. Lord knows that I will be collecting materials while away. Come on what is better fodder for a mama blog than air travel with small children and a holiday with the in laws???

Rest assure that within about 24 hours of touching back down in California, I will be on line with blow by blow coverage of the Kargas family Christmas. You'll get more information than you bargained for, and more than likely it will be read-worthy. So please folks, have a happy, happy holiday... and don't abandon me. We are just getting started. I will return home on December 28th, and will be back a bloggin' soon.

Until then my cyber friends....


  1. Christmas with the in-laws.... What are we, chopped liver?

  2. The internet, is that thing still around?

    Get an iPhone or a Droid or Blackberry, then the internet will be wherever you go and you can write small rants via Twitter.