Monday, December 21, 2009

Why I don't have four kids

Zachary: "Milk please"
Evan: "Please:
Finn (my 2.5 year old nephew): Waives fork in Evan's face almost stabbing him in nose
Evan "Whaaaaa"
Zachary: Laughs hysterically
My Sister: "Finn! We don't hit people with forks. Forks are for eating"
Finn: "Whaaaa".
Zachary: "I said more milk!!"
Me: "Zachary that is not how we ask for something, how do we ask?"
Zachary: "I wanted the bigger plate! Why did Finn get more than me?"
Me: "He didn't. You have the same amount"
Zachary: "I wanted the MOST! Whaaaaa!"
Finn: Takes toy truck and try to throw it at Evan's head. Misses, but....
Evan: "Whaaaa".
My Sister: "Finn we don't throw our toys at people! Do you need a time out?"
Finn: "Whaaaa"
Kristoff (my four month old nephew) Whaaaaaa!!!!

And it's only 7:30am.

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