Friday, December 18, 2009

Many Friends

My son has many friends. Just ask him. He is very popular, especially amongst the stuffed animal set.

I thought I might introduce you to some of his best pals.

Mr. Brown Doggie (MBD): Zachary's dearest chum. MBD was a baby shower gift I received before Zachary was born. It hung out in his room untouched until Zachary turned two. At that point the pooch and Zack became inseparable. Wherever Zachary was MBD was not far behind. He was hugged and kissed, taken to the park, the grocery store, he traveled with us on cross country trips, he has been puked on, and snotted on, and by now he is a general filthy mess. Mr. Brown Doggie has a very interesting life. As it turns out he lives in Africa. He is five or 98 years old depending on the day. He has an airplane. He has been in several plane crashes. He attends the Berkeley Magnet School for Smart Dogs. God help us if we should ever misplace the mangy pup.

Bob Bear: Zachary actually inherited Bob Bear from his father. He is old and not particularly cute. He goes to bear school where he learns bear stuff, or so I am told. He is 198 years old, and has frequent birthdays, so my best guess is that bear years are much different than people years. We frequently call Bob Bear from Zachary's "cell phone" while we are traveling in the car.

Bob Junior: Bob Junior is a mini Bob Bear that 30 years ago was also daddy's. Bob Junior is Mr. Brown Doggies brother, it is a mystery to me seeing as they are different species. We don't know much more about Bob Junior, perhaps time will uncover more interesting details.

Vegan Bear: Yes, you read that correctly VEGAN Bear. This bear was one that my mother and I lovingly picked out when Zack was six months old at Build-A-Bear. Today Zachary describes him as a bear who's favorite food is lettuce and who is sort-of-mean. I would be mean too if all I got to eat was lettuce.

Zachary also has human friends- he especially loves his new friend Eli. Eli is beloved. Zachary recently informed me that he wished Eli was his brother instead of Evan and that he could live at Eli's house forever and ever. Finn is a best Denver friend. Zachary got to spend the night at Finn's house yesterday which was an amazing treat. Zachary and Finn spent a good deal of the previous evening chasing each other naked around the Cruwys Christmas tree. I think Finn's father was a little bit nervous about what this might possibly foreshadow, but I am hopeful that this was just little boy fun.

The one person still not on Zack's friend list is his little brother. The very brother who follows him around like a little puppy. Zachary still fantasizes about Evan's possible demise. He has wondered about Evan getting lost in Africa in a rain storm, or being left on the mountain side. Yet, every now and then if we watch very closely we see a glimpse of potential brotherly love. A giggle here and there, a toy shared.... I know the time is coming. Perhaps some day Evan may even find a spot in Zack's heart, one that could even take the place of MBD.

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