Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Very Superstitious

HELP! HEEELLP! I have 13, that is 1-3 followers on my site. Oh thank you, thank you, to the 13th follower. Whatever motivated you to start reading my silly ol' blog I'll never, ever know, BUT this I am aware of...13 is an unlucky number. I may have to abandon this whole thing all together if MR. 14 does not show himself soon..... here Mr 14, here Mr. 14 I have treats! I promise. I'm witty! I'm silly! I make fun of my very own self. You'll love me I swear. Please, just please come around because 13 makes me very uncomfortable....

But lets be honest. Scan the list of my followers... can you find a KARGAS on it? No? Well that is funny, because you might think my very own husband would follow the ramblings of his beloved wife. Alas, no. No. Absent. GUILT TRIP.

So if it so behoves you, please sign up to follow, because I so hate the number 13...

Love and no superstition,

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