Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hello from Denver...wish you were here.

I'm home. That's right. Denver stills feel like home-sweet-home. I'm not writing much, because I am at my girlfriend's house sipping a cocktail and the boys are watching Monsters Vs. Aliens. I just wanted to put it out there that we did survive. After a 2 hour flight delay, a mal-functioning DVD player, and a broken cell phone-here we are, and actually it feels GREAT. I love it here.

Okay, so it has only been two months, so how much stock can you put in this statement, but it just feels like no time has past. This is my place. Denver how I love thee.

But traveling stinks, so maybe we should just move back. Really I can't tell you it was better than expected. Yes, nobody exploded mid-flight however, food was flung in every direction, Evan tried to rip my ears off, and the whole trip was no less than a life-sucking exhausting experience. So... therefor, if we could simply remove the travel-back-to-the-place-I-love element, and just live here, all would be grand.

Okay. I am being a rude guest and must say goodbye. Goodbye, and stay tuned...

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