Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spoiled, but oh so cute!

So maybe I spoil my boys just a little. Sometimes I can't help myself. It brings me so much joy to see their little faces light up when I have a surprise for them.

Today was the utmost in spoiling action.

This morning after finally achieving a major success in the potty department Evan earned his incentive-a trip to McDonald's. So really, that isn't spoiling because he earned it right? The whole thing was actually a giant mistake. He did the deed first thing in the morning. We praised him endlessly and his brother immediately started jumping up and down shouting "McDonald's!! McDonald's!!" Well it was 7:30 am, and dinner was a long way away. I had to explain to Evan that we would make the trip in the evening. Not being one for delayed gratification, he had a total meltdown that lasted well after I dropped him off at preschool. (I know because one of his teachers actually called me and asked me to return to school to comfort him.) He eventually got over it, and this evening we did in fact make it to my children's fast-food fantasy land. Unfortunately we selected a ghetto McDonald's in Oakland near my husband's work. It was an unpleasant experience overall, but the kids hardly seemed to noticed as they dunked sodium rich fries in ketchup and sipped chocolate milk from plastic jugs. Only the best for my boys.

In addition to the McDonald's trip, today I purchased my boys two overpriced astronaut suits. Purim is coming up, and it is celebrated with costumes and parties at the JCC, so I figured what the heck. I stopped into a children's store over my lunch hour, and there they were, exactly two orange astronaut jump suits. One in a size 5/6 and one in a size 2/3. It was meant to be. Forget the price tag. My space-crazed boys were going to love them.

And they did. They wore them to McDonald's in fact.

And after dinner....they asked for cookies. Spoiled little munchkins.....

But damn, they are cute!!


  1. THOSE are amazing. omg. i want one for levi!!! and a big size one for my husband so i can watch them play together. hahahahaha. love them. good splurge!!

  2. OMG... those astronaut suits are da bomb! My boys go nuts about them every time they see them in a catalog! You are the BEST mommy EVER!!!!