Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ever feel like a loser?

Does social networking ever make you feel unpopular? Do you notice who has more Facebook friends than you do? Who gets more comments on their blog?

I have to say that occasionally my facebook account and this little blog make me feel a bit....unloved. My mother and I have had several conversations about how the simple lack of comments on a latest Facebook status can make one feel like a loser. It can be like telling a joke to a room full of people, which is then followed by utter silence. Oops.

My mom has provided many examples of times when she has posted something somewhat significant on her Facebook page only to get nothing... not even from her beloved daughters. Guilty. A day later she will take notice of a friend with a status update regarding a hang-nail which garners 52 comments from all of that individuals best buddies. It's a bit...disheartening.

I have experienced this very feeling on my blog. Readers I adore you, but I wonder, why so silent? I find it interesting that some bloggers can post a poorly written essay about polishing their shoes and receive 100 enthusiastic comments, whereas I rarely get more than a small handful of responses even when I am at my wittiest. And man can I get witty. Ahem.... (no comments necessary here.)

One of the bloggers I regularly follow, The Mommyhood Memos, recently wrote a piece on how to generate more blog comments . She suggested turning off the word verification requirement for commentors. Well I have now done so. Will it help?

Time will tell.


The floor is yours commentors...write away.


  1. Ha! Turning that thing off didn't change a thing on my blog! But I have never been a popular person. And I'm kind of witty, too :P
    Look how many followers you have, though! Every time I look at your page (which is everyday) you have at least one more. You could try some blog hops. I'm trying that…but it'll probably make me feel even more unpopular! You rock, woman!

  2. You should facebook like my new Taking It On fb page to further my illusion of obtaining popularity ;-)

  3. oh, I just love your honesty. =Yes, sometimes it's like the computer has upped and slapped you in the face when you go to check the comments. And then I chide myself for being disappointed. I too have trouble understanding how some people build up their readership sooooo quickly while I have laboured to 60 over three years (laughing while I write this - so pathetic!). One secret is Giveaways. My friend did that and and jumped from 55 to 90 in a few days. But hey, she did say it made her feel dirty........ :PS love the joke with no laughs analogy!

  4. Thanks ladies, you are my most beloved faithful commentors :)Love to you!!!

  5. I wrote a post about this a while back. Nobody likes to blog in a vacuum and part of sharing a story or info is to get feedback and dialogue back. But, I would take 5 followers who regularly commented and visited over 500 who never commented. Having a lot of followers doesn't mean much if they never stop by or leave a comment. I'm not on facebook so I don't know how that compares but a couple things--
    make sure to visit and comment on blogs you regularly read
    don't get caught up trying to please people, just please yourself -- think of the blog as a journal to capture things you want to share
    getting new followers and readers helps keep your blog going and fresh-- blog hops help

  6. Here's how blog reading goes in my house:
    Find an interesting blog.
    Start reading.
    Stop to refill sippy cups.
    Find where I left off and read another sentence.
    Settle dispute between both boys wanting the same toy.
    Find where I left off...
    Race to the potty as soon as 3 year old says "I gotta go".
    Completely forget that I was on the computer and start massive amounts of laundry.

    So sometimes I will enjoy a blog but just get completely sidetracked. I've read all your posts since following you, but haven't commented often because things get a little crazy here. I'm sorry! I'll do better... maybe start my reading after bedtime. :)

  7. I hear you-- some days you think you have the best blog post or fb update and then its like it never even happened. I have to admit, I get the same way with my etsy shop.... I get addicted to checking how many views each item has, and then get sad if people aren't checking it out. Just know you are not alone...

  8. I have to admit that I don't comment every time...nor do I visit every one of your posts *sheepish grin*

    I try to comment when I have the time.....and while the verification added one more step to the wasn't what deterred me from leaving them...just time :)

    I deleted my FB account...I just couldn't keep up with a blog, online stores and I let that one slide....

  9. Oh sorry ladies, I certianly did not mean to give any of you a guilt trip!! Thank you for reading! I do appreciate it. And no, you don't have to read every one! Lord knows, I'm not that self indulgent! :)

  10. Amen! I feel the same way. I'll comment on yours regularly, if you comment on mine??? Ha!

  11. I've learned not to take the comment thing too seriously. I have found that there is somewhat of a correlation between comments made on other blogs & comments received. Especially if you comment on blogs with fewer "readers".

    A good trick is to comment on other blogs right after making a post that you want others to read. You can also tweet a link on Twitter. For a post that you are proud of, put a link on your sidebar under "Favorite Posts".

    If you have a chance, try a Virtual Girls Night Out on Ann's Blog (starts on Fridays) this is a great way to meet other bloggers & exchange comments!

  12. By the way... for some reason I have a bit more trouble commenting on certain blogs using Firefox. Yours is one of them. I have to go to Internet Explorer to make comments. Not sure why, but this does make me a bit more "choosy" on who I will take this extra step for.

    I do this for you... : )

  13. Bad Mama-Thanks for making the effort, so appreciated!! I need to remember why I blog. For fun, for the record it creates, to communicate with family and friends far away and to meet new people. It isn't a contest. Sometimes I forget that!

  14. You know, I have lots more "followers" than you... but I still write posts that get only a couple of comments. Depending on the post, I find it frustrating. Especially when I've worked hard or poured my heart out. Then I have to remember... I started writing for myself. But even on facebook where I have a gazillion friends, I sometimes notice the interaction between other friends and feel left out. It's a good mirror to show me my own insecurity I guess. Have to be careful not to compare myself to others and just be grateful for the friends and support (and readers) that I do have! :) But I totally get what you're saying. Totally.

    By the way, I really do hope you start to get more comments. The blog world is a funny world...

  15. I dont worry to much about FB, because its all IRL friends, and hopefully they love me anyway - as they arent laughing at my jokes :/

    I'm new to the blogging world - and the word verification thing annoys the heck out of me- but doesn't stop me from commenting. I also have problems with firefox (what I use at home) so I cant always comment when I want to. I've noticed a link between how often I comment on others and how many comments I get. (?)

  16. Thank you for writing about this. Makes me feel not quite so stupid :)