Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I wore a dress today

Today I got dressed. Okay, I get dressed every day, but today I put on a dress. And boots. And eyeshadow. It was time to join the ranks of the living. I was headed into the office, and my new custom fresh- from- the- grave look just wasn't going to cut it.

Let's face it, I have been feeling pretty lousy for the past several months. First morning sickness, then followed by a cough that simply will not die. This cough has left the muscles between my ribs in a constant spasm (a common side effect of pregnancy per my OB), and thus I look a bit...haggard. Most days I throw on a maternity shirt that has been through probably 6 or 7 pregnancies (mine and various friends) and a pair of borrowed ill-fitting jeans. I often am too tired to accessorize and usually rely on little to no make up, the over all effect is well, like I said earlier, death warmed over. Nice.

Yesterday I sat in my home office looking like total crap and I started to think about how I might spiff up my look for the trip to the city. A dress... of course! But the only dresses hanging in my closet were either a) sundresses, which will prove to be totally unnecessary in the San Francisco climate, or b) a size or two too big, which leave me looking nothing short of frumpy. So I did what any self-respecting sick pregnant lady would do. I dragged my boys out in a rainstorm to Target to find myself a new maternity dress ala Liz Lang. As I hurried the boys through the parking lot, clutching my ribs, coughing and yelling at my little troopers to speed it up so we didn't all get drenched, I thought... perhaps I made a mistake.

But today when I slipped on my little grey dress, tights and boots I knew it was worth it. While it is hard to feel "pretty" when your stomach is the size of a watermelon, (unless of course you happen to be Heidi Klum) at least I felt pulled together and presentable and I so desperately needed that.

Thank you, thank you Liz Lang. If only you could do something about the stabbing pain between my ribs.....


  1. Isn't it amazing how the smallest things can make us feel better??! I ALMOST wished I was pregnant when I saw the Liz Lange stuff at Target.


  2. XLMIC-after looking at these pictures, I am thinking I may need to invest in some new undergarments! Ouch!

  3. You look totally adorable! Good for you to do something nice for yourself. BTW, all my stuff is probably 7 sizes too big for you, but I do have some cute maternity shirts that might work for you...

  4. During each pregnancy, I have purchased one fantastic special occasion dress (for weddings usually)- one that I'll never be able to wear again - and now I have three fantastic ones hanging in my closet - collectively, I have probably spent like $500 on them. But feeling attractive while pregnant? PRICELESS.

  5. You look fantastic - that dress totally suits you. And what cost is it to feel good about yourself while pregnant? Money well spent :)

  6. "death warmed over" it!!! You look gorgeous!! I plucked my eyebrows & now, I can't stop looking in the! Pathetic....