Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Here they come!

The kiddos arrive tomorrow! My babies will be here! Oh, and the husband too. I am greeting them at Denver International Airport in the afternoon, and I must say that I am ready to see them (husband included.)

I admit, I looked forward to the solitary time. The mornings where I had nothing more to do than shower and feed myself. The macaroni and cheese-free evenings and a full five days without once uttering the words "time out" or "put your pants back on Zachary." It has been nice. I have no idea when I will experience anything close to this type of quiet again. Yet, I miss my crazy boys. I miss reading them their bedtime stories and stroking their hair while I sing to them each night. I miss Evan's "I love you mommy!" and the way that Zachary laughs at himself when he *thinks* that he has said something very funny.

It's Christmas time, and although I need/needed the rest, I feel lonely without my family. I can't wait to pick them up at DIA tomorrow. While I have visions of lovely reunion filled with hugs and smiles, I am bracing myself for reality. Two crabby kids, tired from a long flight and one husband assuming I owe him. And I do. He is a brave, brave soul to face holiday travel alone with a two and a five year old. I wouldn't do it. I'm guessing that tomorrow probably won't be the makings of a feel good Lifetime holiday movie, but I'm looking forward to a very Merry Christmas with my beautiful little family.

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  1. I totally understand! I took a 2 week vacation on my own just over a year ago- needed some space and time and I missed the States desperately. A week into it, I missed my kids so much it hurt. When my flight back home was delayed 12 hours, I fell apart at the airport and cried. I understand needing the "me time" so very well, and I also understand having enough of it!