Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stay Tuned

I have to level with you. I'm just not that into this. Right now that is. I am compelled to write something to fill the page on my beloved blog, and yet I am drawing a blank. I actually have quiet a bit going on at the moment, enough to fuel many more inspired posts, but for now I must remain quiet. And since I cannot write about what is truly on my mind, I am finding it difficult to find acceptable material. I can promise you this, stick with me, and this blog will get a whole lot better, I just need a little time.

In the mean time, the highlights from my weekend:

  • I went to a movie by myself on Saturday night. I know *crazy*, but I rather enjoyed it. I mean who really needs a partner to view a film? It isn't as if I want to chat during the movie, and after 11.5 years of marriage, I feel no urge to make out in a dark theater. So going solo suits me just fine. Accept. Accept I ran into a couple from Zack's preschool and I instantly felt weird. What did they think? "Look at that poor woman.... doesn't she have any friends?" "Where do you think her husband is?"

  • My husband's friend visited us from the great state of Minnesota this weekend. He confided that one of his goals was to get a mention in getrealmama. So here it is Pete-great to see you. You are a true beer nerd, and I mean that in the nicest of ways. I am sure he feels a profound sense of fulfillment now.

  • Today was a day chock full of trick-or-treating. We took our two little Batmen out on three seperate occassions to collect candy from strangers, and they were delighted. I was mildly embarressed by Zachary's lack-luster "Trick or Treat" and forced "Thank you", mumbled with his back already turned to the door. However, Evan's cheerful "Trick or Thank you!" made up for it all. He was quite the charmer. Now we have enough candy to keep us sugar-loaded until Easter. Super.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Stay tuned.


  1. i am dying to know what the news is...will there be another baby added to your brood?

  2. And you didn't even tell us what movie you saw! Or even if it was any good. Shame on you!

  3. I used to go to the movies by myself all the time. Didn't really worry about what anyone thought. I would still do it, but I lack the time.

  4. I'm glad you wrote when you didn't feel like writing. That's a lesson I can use. I write and leave it in drafts or write an idea for a post and never write it and I end up with a blog that doesn't truly reflect my life.