Thursday, October 7, 2010

Heading to LA

What do you think of when I say vacation? Sipping cocktails pool side with your honey? Sleeping in until 10 and enjoying a leisurely breakfast? Walking until your feet hurt from site to glorious site?

That is one way to look at. These days here is what "vacation" means to me. Spending endless hours trying to figure out if you have all of the necessary belongings. Swim diapers? Check Diaper cream? Check. Toys? Check. Wipes? Check. Books? Check? Mr. Brown Doggie? Check. Snacks? Check. Trying to cram all of these belongings into a reasonably sized suitcase. Listening to 5 hours of Dan Zanes & Friends or the Amazing Andy Z in the car and uselessly trying to comfort a 2 year old with motion sickness. It means getting into the pool even though it is far too cold. It means going to bed at 8pm because we are all in the same motel room. It means the crappy continental breakfast served in the lobby, drinking weak coffee and eating stale bagels. It means "hiking" the paved .75 mile loop, and forgoing the walks we would like to take.

It means mornings with the whole family cuddling in one Queen size bed. It means smores by the campfire, and kid's who know it doesn't get any better than this. It means writing postcards to Nana and grandpa. It means two boys basking in the 24 hour attention from mommy and daddy. It means more hugs than usual and more time to hear what goes on in the mind of a five year old.

Yup, the Kargas family is heading on "vacation" this on the heels of a hideous week, which included spending a fortune on deep tissue massages and chiropractic care, and learning that my father in law will likely be getting bypass surgery. I'm not sure that I am up for it, but we are giving it a go. Wish us all a real vacation. See you in about ten days.

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  1. oh goodness... the family vacations! we're going to have our first one in december. no doubt it will be forever changed! i do love the family bed in the mornings (no way i'd want to sleep with the kids though) but i will certainly miss those spontaneous carefree trips that we used to have pre-kids. it's all give and take though, isn't it? life changes... but it's sweet. hope you have an awesome vacation!