Friday, October 1, 2010

A happy day.

All right readers, it's time to put on a happy face and do a cheery post. Believe it or not I am capable of such a thing. Although I tend to be a glass-half-empty kinda gal, I am ultimately a happy person, with a happy life. Today was a shining example.

Today two amazing things happened .

#1: We achieved an almost zero-meltdown day with both children. Not only that, but basically the entire days has been enjoyable. My regular readers know well that I am having some struggles with my five year old. We are both perhaps, going through a phase. Every morning starts with the circus that is breakfast. Perhaps circus isn't the right word, maybe nightmare would be better. Zachary and Evan fight about every little thing, from what color place mat each receives to who ate their cereal the fastest. Zachary spills milk on purpose and barks "more!" while poking his brother with his spoon. Ain't nobody happy at 7am in the Kargas home. Beyond that, Zachary has just been, shall we say.... challenging. We have had few bonding moments. I have worried about his apparent lack of affection towards me and his inability to follow a single direction I provide.

But today was different. Really different. It is Friday which means I don't work. Both boys got up extra special early and joined me in bed for a cuddle. It was then that I had an ah-ha moment. I made a deal with them. No fights, no complaining and no competition at the breakfast table would result in an ice cream treat at lunch. I didn't really think it would work. But low and behold it was a real life breakfast of champions. It went off perfectly. Like a Beaver Cleaver moment. Well not really. Daddy was not at the table in a suit and tie, and mommy didn't have an apron or produce homemade french toast, but at least it was peaceful. And the rest of the day followed suite. We went to the children's museum, Zack went to the dentist (no cavities!) and charmed the pants off everyone with his wide open mouth and silly faces, and then my sweet five year old made the ultimate sacrifice and decided to stay home with me to make banana bread, rather than go to the park with his beloved grandfather. Trust me he usually picks grandpa. I don't know what happened today but it was lovely. I'll take a repeat.

#2 Get ready for this.... I finally got with the times and purchased an Iphone! Oh hallelujah. Maybe having that old diet coke destroy my cell phone was really a blessing. Damn do I like that phone. Granted, I am not smart enough have the thing quite figured out just yet, but it has a hell of a lot of potential. And in my sleek baby blue and hot pink case it looks pretty hot.

So there you have it folks, a positive post. Oh don't worry, it won't last long.


  1. Aren't those RARE golden days wonderful!? Right now Benjy is sitting on my lap, bopping along to Laurie Berkner songs, and Maya is relaxing in the hammock while Eytan makes french toast. I slept until 8:30. Life is good!

  2. Hey mama, just hooked you up but you don't have a button so I put in your link. Visit back on Monday, follow "Join the VIP's" and if you want, you'll get featured. ; ) Let me know.

  3. Good job with the kids. I need some age appropriate bribery for my 15 and 11 year olds! I don't think ice cream will cut it at these ages. Hmmm. Maybe iPhones? :)