Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Dear World,

Please excuse my unusually pissy mood. I realize that I am on edge and that I have a tendency to be short. It's not you, it's me. You see, I am wearing a freaking neck brace and I am in some of the worst pain in my life because, well, I slept wrong on Friday. That's it. It isn't as if I survived a car accident, or over did it at the gym. Nope this is a sleeping injury. And it stinks. I hurt all the time, and I look like the village idiot with my head cocked permanently to one side.

The doctor recommended this silly brace which makes me feel like a classic nerd from an 80's movie. My son called me a weirdo-head when he first set eyes on me in my contraption. My doctor also referred me to a chiropractor, and I have an appointment for possible torture tomorrow at 9am. As much as I am dreading the potential additional pain, at this point I am assuming it couldn't get much worse and I am desperate for any relief.

To make matters worse, the husband has been on business travel this week. So it's the mommy-show, and it's a crappy one. Today I allowed the boys television before dinner, and then whisked them to bath at 7pm on the dot. They got two books which I speed read, in order to get the whole thing over with as quickly as possible. The munchkins seemed to pick up on the severity of the situation and didn't complain, bless them.

And now I am preparing for a mostly sleepless night, which will do little for my temperment tomorrow. Beware of the crazy lady in the neck brace, you can't say that I didn't warn you.




  1. Have you tried massage with chicken soup! I'm sorry about the pain in the neck (wish I was there to help out.) Although I might be a pain in the tuchas.

  2. So sorry to hear your dilemma! Had to say that your post made me laugh (not at you, but only with you) as it always seems like when things couldnt get any worse, they do, right? Wishing you a speedy recover and sleepfull nights ahead!

  3. Awful, awful Rachel! I've had pain like that AND the neck brace, all from a sleeping injury as well. What the hell do we do to ourselves in slumberland? It better have been good...So sorry. Ibuprofen, chiro and then a massage when you are healed...

  4. ya poor thing... get better soon!

  5. I did this! I slept funny and couldn't move my head for a week! It was HELL! I tried massage, then chiropractors, drugs, drugs, DRUGS! It got better over time (A LOT of time) Hopefully by now you're better! xo, A