Monday, March 4, 2013

What I learned in Belize

Did you miss me?

Rocking the one-piece. Soon everyone will be doing it.

We returned from our Belize vacation last night. I won't bore you with a blow by blow of our travels. If you are interested in a trip to Belize I am sure you can find plenty of travel sites that will outline the best restaurants and beaches. Rather I'll share the top ten things I took away from vacation..

1) It turns out that one-piece swimsuits are not in fact, all the rage after all, at least if you go by the tourist population on our little island in Belize. I may have actually been the only female wearing one. As suspected there were plenty of bikinis and tankinis. I still think I'm on the cutting edge. Everyone will be wearing them soon, and if not, that only makes me independent and original. Yup.

2) I'm not very good at snorkeling. I like the idea of it, but with my abnormally small head/face it is quiet difficult for me to get a mask that fits. An ill-fitting mask means salt water up your nose, in your eyes and down your throat. Salt water up your nose, in your eyes and down your throat makes for an unpleasant experience. Period. So while my husband was admiring sea turtles and sting rays I was sitting on the boat trying to get the taste of sea water out of my mouth.

3) They really don't drink wine in Belize. I'm not as well practiced in drinking large quantities of rum, but I really, really enjoy a good pina colada.

4) If given the opportunity, I am really rather good at napping.

5) Weddings still make me cry.

6) Although I am no wedding singer, I am at least a little better then the majority of  drunk karaoke participants.

7) I have the baby bug...bad. There was an adorable six week old baby among the wedding party. Her name is Hazel, and she is an absolute doll. I held her, snuggled her and desperatly wanted her to be mine. As I pet her soft little head I remembered each of my own babies and how much they had grown. I don't have a baby anymore, and thanks to my smart thinking I have ensured that I never will again. As much as I yearn for an infant, I have no use for four boys.

8) There is something magical about the ocean and sunset.

9) There is something magical about seeing friends from twenty years passed, once at the peak of our recklace yet glorious youth, now grown, settled and  in love. Their faces bring back memories of another time and there is warmth in remembering. As I looked at these friends each who have changed by way of grey hairs, beards, parenthood, love or loss I see my own transfomation reflected through them. No longer an anxious, excited, lost college girl, I'm a grown woman. A wife. A mother. We have all grown, and yet the bonds of friendship remain.

My friend Jessica. I have known her since I was 19!

10) As nice as it was to be away from the munchkins, there was nothing sweeter then the reunion with three boys who could not have been happier to see their mommy and daddy come home.


  1. So fun - you look fabulous - nothing wrong with a one-piece! :D We had a stop in Belize on our cruise, but never actually got on land due to our scuba outing. Looks like you had a beautiful time!

  2. woo hoo! belize '13! yes, amazing that we have known each other for 5 years now. ;)

  3. So glad you enjoyed yourself! You look great in those pics!